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Let’s go clubbin’ by *Konstance


Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Fallon!


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xombiedirge The Blues Brothers by Massimo Carnevale

Have I ever mentioned.


I have this huge crush on Paul Brittain.

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(via ahsatan) It’s funny because… it’s uh… bigger than, uh… you know, a normal hat.
jmaticirony Oh Jason Sudeikis, why are you so entertaining and adorable??
i couldn’t stop staring at that adorable man!
cyborglovesong Meyers.
heyeve love jsuds :)
lizlemon— His HAIR!!!!!!! :)

Cherry Battle: Andy Samberg vs. Gabourey Sidibe

uprightcitizens bah!
lol josh meyers looks so good here compared to those two
cyborglovesong teehee :D